This sleeves are heat-shrinkable ready-to-fit assemblies for the corrosion protection of welded joints on sea line, underground pipe.

The MC20 sleeve is specially engineered for the protection of insulating collar.

The P4060TR sleeve is the standard for the protection of the welded joints and coupling.

This products are available on rolls or as unisleeves.

Compatible with standard mill-applied coatings.

The structure of the heat-shrinkable sleeve give the material high impact strength and an exceptional resitance to the cathodic disbondment.

This products are recommended for higher stress conditions caused both by elevated temperatures and by soils.

In conformity to the standard NF 49716, DIN 30672, NF ISO EN 12068 , and with the specifications of the gas, oil and water companies.

Sleeve P4060TR  (data sheet)

Sleeve MTR10

Sleeve MTR20

Sleeve MC20

Sleeve TR800

Sleeve TR400

Supplied in various widths to accommodate different pipe diameters.