Our company manufactures and markets coatings organics of protection against corrosion, applied to cold or hot (heat-shrinkable), for the protection of pipe and accessories.

Cold-applied coatings:

Protection system:                     

Primer + molding tape + insulating tape + outerwrap

Hot applied coatings:

Protection system :                          

Primer +  heat-shrinkable tape or sleeve

In complement of these systems we offer products faciliting the application:     

- molding putty                                                

- hand wrapster                                                     

- insulating mass

These systems of coating provides superior corrosion protection because the high performance system:

- insulation electric constant

- permeability to the water vapor very weak

- increasing adherence to the metal

- exceptional disbonding resistance of the coating under the action of cathodic protection:

( only 17 cm2 after 200 days)

Or following NF EN ISO 12068 , r=7mm

In conformity to the standard NF 49716, DIN 30672, NF ISO EN 12068 , and with the specifications of the gas, oil and water companies.

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