The heat-shrinkable tapes are engineered for the protection of underground pipes, water pipes and sea line.

The heat-shrinkable tapes hot-applied product coatings are designed to provide a continuous holiday-free, permanent barrier and long-term corrosion protection.

This system is a three-layers:

Primer + copolymer + cross-linked polyethylene

This system may be a two-layers pipe coating :

Copolymer + cross-linked polyethylene

The coatings are compatible with all commonly used pipe coatings including PE, PP, coal tar enamel, coal tar epoxy, bitumen, fusion bonded epoxy.

The heat-shrinkable tapes IPCOS are :

- supplied as a complete coating-ready to install.

- may be stored without shelf-life or gel-time limitations.

- extremely resistant to UV light, fungus and cathodic disbondment.

- supplied in various widths to accommodate different pipe diameters.

In conformity to the standard NF 49716, DIN 30672, NF ISO EN 12068 , and with the specifications of the gas, oil and water companies.

Tape P35/15TR

Tape TR800

Tape P40/60TR